Spring Tea Party

Our May Meeting

July17, 2014

Spring Creek BBQ Located at  6068 FM 2920 Rd , Spring, TX 77379


We’re a little different from the ordinary Tea Party:


We’re not a 501(c)3 or a 501(c)4


Currently we don’t accept any funds or donations…..


We’re totally independent and dedicated to:


Constitutionally Limited Government


Fiscal Responsibility-Cut Spending


Free Markets


First & Second Amendment Rights


Reduce Taxes


Stop Government Spying


Traditional Family Values


Support of Texas & US Constitution


Repeal Obamacare


Protect Our Borders

*Our  Program Schedule 7-17-2014:

We’re starting later due to traffic and distance!

6:00-6:25pm Dinner Your choice, no fixed menu, get what you want! (no food purchase required, but we need to support Spring Creek BBQ!)  ****FIRST 25 FREE DINNER***** See below!


6:25-6:35pm Introduction to the Spring Tea Party (I had requests to be brief, weather may delay start by 15 minutes) The Laptop is sick so no PowerPoint…...


Texas Senate Disctict 4 Runoff Candidate:


6:35-7:15 Representative Brandon Creighton


















7:15-8:00pm  Representative Debbie Riddle; The Texas Border Crisis & Low Income Housing coming to a neighborhood near you?




























We will be introducing candidates as this is a meeting dedicated to those that wish to “Make A Change”


Ground Rules:

We make them up as we go!



NOTE:  Free Dinner to the FIRST 25 that email us at:  Springteapartytexas@gmail.com  (Excludes Candidates and campaign members) If you don’t have email, leave use your name and number in your party at 281-657-4602.


*Times and Speakers are subject to change….we are flexible!


Email us:  vote4kylescott@gmail.com   or



Phone:  713-805-0581  or 281-657-4602





The Spring Tea Party does not accept any funds and does not pay out any funds. 


This message is brought to you by: Fred T. Blanton








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