Spring Tea Party  March 19, 2015

Our March Meeting

March 19, 2015

Alicia’s Mexican Grille Located at  20920 Kuykendahl, Spring, TX 77379  (see map below or click on address)


We’re a little different from the ordinary Tea Party:


We’re not a 501(c)3 or a 501(c)4


Currently we don’t accept any funds or donations…..


We’re totally independent and dedicated to:


Constitutionally Limited Government


Fiscal Responsibility-Cut Spending


Free Markets


First & Second Amendment Rights


Reduce Taxes


Stop Government Spying


Traditional Family Values


Support of Texas & US Constitution


Repeal Obamacare


Protect Our Borders

*Our  Program Schedule 3-19-2015:


5:30-6:30pm Dinner Your choice, order off the  menu, get what you want! (no food purchase required, but we need to support Alicia’s!)


6:30-6:40pm Introduction to the Spring Tea Party (I had requests to be brief)


6:30-7:15pm Klein ISD Superintendent Dr. Jim Cain discusses the Success of the Klein ISD and what makes this district one of the most sought after destinations. He will cover the topic of how we finance the building of schools and facilities and how they calculate years in advance to have a seat for your child or grandchild.  Dr. Cain will also cover the savings and cost reductions over the past few years and what is planned for the future in the request for the future of Klein ISD.  He will be taking questions at the End of his presentation.


7:15-7:45pm Newly appointed Justice Of The Peace, Lincoln Goodwin gives us an insight into the Justice Of The Peace courts in Harris County, their function and the various specialties of each court.


7:45pm  Questions and answers…..

Media will be invited, we will be introducing candidates as this is a meeting dedicated to those that wish to “Make A Change”


*Times and Speakers are subject to change….we are flexible!  We can seat about 50 people; come early!


Email us:  springteapartytexas@gmail.com

Phone:  281-657-4602  (cell is “Press 1”)


Next Meeting on April 16, 2015 At the Spring Creek BBQ  6068 FM 2920 Spring, TX


The Spring Tea Party is brought to you by:

 Fred T. Blanton, Founder

Dr. Jim Cain

Lincoln Goodwin

Justice Of The Peace

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