Spring Tea Party

Our April Meeting

April 17, 2014

Spring Creek BBQ Located at  6068 FM 2920 Rd , Spring, TX 77379


We’re a little different from the ordinary Tea Party:


We’re not a 501(c)3 or a 501(c)4


Currently we don’t accept any funds or donations…..


We’re totally independent and dedicated to:


Constitutionally Limited Government


Fiscal Responsibility-Cut Spending


Free Markets


First & Second Amendment Rights


Reduce Taxes


Stop Government Spying


Traditional Family Values


Support of Texas & US Constitution


Repeal Obamacare


Protect Our Borders

*Our  Program Schedule 4-17-2014:

We’re starting later due to traffic and distance!

6:00-6:25pm Dinner Your choice, no fixed menu, get what you want! (no food purchase required, but we need to support Spring Creek BBQ!)


6:25-6:35pm Introduction to the Spring Tea Party (I had requests to be brief, weather may delay start by 15 minutes) The Laptop is sick so no PowerPoint…...


Texas Attorney General Runoff Candidate:


6:35-6:50 Senator Ken Paxton













6:50-7:05pm  Michael Quinn Sullivan, Texans for Fiscal Responsibility

Talks about doing battle for First Amendment Rights and taking it to the SCOTUS……. 














We will be introducing candidates as this is a meeting dedicated to those that wish to “Make A Change”


Ground Rules:

We make them up as we go!



NOTE:  The Spring Tea Party will be making recommendations in the upcoming runoff elections.  Our main purpose is to inform and educate our members and the voters on the candidates, issues and events that determined our principles above!  While we know many of the people that are serving in government and various political offices we feel that this is the fair and equitable position to take.


*Times and Speakers are subject to change….we are flexible!


Email us:  vote4kylescott@gmail.com   or



Phone:  713-805-0581  or 281-657-4602





The Spring Tea Party does not accept any funds and does not pay out any funds. 


This message is brought to you by: Fred T. Blanton








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